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Color Me Crazy Prototype

Color Me Crazy is a 2D platformer prototype where the player must take colors out of the environment to steal their RGB properties to complete levels. Collecting 2 colors in the environment will turn the player into the combination of that color, with the combined RGB values giving the player additional stat boosts. The more Red value the combined color has, the higher the jump; more Green gives more speed, and more Blue makes the player increase in size. Combining certain colors at specific instances will make the player able to traverse major obstacles in their path. However, the absence of all color will render the player completely immobile, so keep that in mind while combining colors.


Working on CMC in my free time was meant as an exercise to teach myself how powerful the colors system in Unity is, as well as pushing the Don'tDestroyOnLoad() function to its limits and seeing where it breaks. As a test of mechanics and optimizations, a lot could be added or changed to improve both. But as it stands, I would say CMC was a success in getting me more acquainted with often overlooked features in Unity.

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