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Constellations VR


Early Version

Constellations is a VR music creation tool where the player must place "music nodes" around them, creating different tones based on the distance of the node from the center. Placing nodes higher on the y-axis will increase the volume, while placing further away from the center on the x-axis will increase the pitch. Using a combination of these two modifiers, the player can create melodies in a calm and relaxing atmosphere at their own pace.

Being new to Unreal Engine, I wanted to challenge myself to create something instead of a basic platformer like most of my classmates were doing. I decided on the idea of a VR music creation tool after playing VR Chat with some friends and seeing incredible worlds where people can use 3D modeled instruments around them to make their own mini band. This idea was shrunk down for simplicity sake and designed to be more family-friendly, with a focus on free-form music.

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