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Call of Duty Atrium


Created during my Environment Art class senior year at college, the Atrium is an environment meant to expand my prowess as a Level Designer while looking at problems through the lens of an artist. This was a class normally taken by students majoring in Art at my college, and therefore wasn't suited well for designers like myself, who worry more about player pathing and engagement rather than how well the lighting looks. Because of this, I challenged myself to go above and beyond with this assignment, creating an environment with strategically mapped points of engagement, correct scaling, and cover areas that were all taken directly from Call of Duty's own metric system.

In the end, I'm extremely proud of what I was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. I've made levels much larger than this before, but not the same scale or heavily scrutinized metrics. I learned a lot from this assignment, like how to use modularity when designing large spaces, and clever techniques with Unreal 4's lighting to achieve the finished effect. If I were to go back and change something, I would definitely do something different with the flooring texture. Right now it looks too plain with too harsh of a color difference with the higher parts. Adding pur lines and more pronounced AO would do wonders to the overall end product.


  • I had never made an environment this detailed up until this point

  • Unfamiliarity with new tools (Substance Designer)

  • Balancing art and design


  • Create an environment that can be seen as a believable play space for Call of Duty

  • Learn a better workflow for creating detailed environments. 

  • Better myself with Unreal's tools (Lighting, Niagara, BSP)

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