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Color Me Crazy Prototype

This is a document made for a concept level based around a climbing mechanic where the player can "stretch" portions of a cave wall in order to reach higher places. The LDD goes through every step of the level, breaking down each section into manageable pieces, complete with summaries, story beats, and illustrated renders depicting how to beat each section. Information provided by the document is meant to help the design team, artists, and programmers by sharing an easy-to-understand and detailed description of everything that's needed for the level to be built. 

For this document, in particular, I wanted to push myself and create more detailed illustrations that would work better for a vertical 3D platformer environment. Hence why I chose to experiment using perspective vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Since before this, I have mainly only made Level Design Documents for 2D games, having the knowledge of how to properly create design doc in the 3D perspective will aid me in future endeavors.

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