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QWER is an exparimental 2D action game where the main control method to move the player is using the QWER Keys on the keyboard to boost the player in a certain direction. My goal was to challenge myself in Unity 2D and create an incredibly stylized and unique expreinece. I took inspiration from one of my favorite flash games, Bloons 2, and created a game all about pin-point presision and enviornmental challenge.

To complete a leve, the player must hit a certain amount of blue squares on the map, the amount indicated by the circular bar on the player. Every time the player hits a white tile, it becomes angry, then begins to move towarsd the center of the screen. If it touches the middle, a portion of health will be lost. They must escape the circle before the corruption takes over the screen, causing a game over.


  • Create a uniqe and stylized 2D experience

  • Working in a short 2 week time limit to present to my class

  • Perfecting the "boost" controls used by the player

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