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Systems Designer


  • Expanding on the team's shared vision to design a viable product in our short time period

  • Designed Desktop Interactions, including folder movement, malware types, and applications

  • Worked with testing feedback to deliver positive changes to the game

Cosmic Corp was a game completed for the Cosmic Major Game Jam on The theme of the game jam was Cosmic, with the stipulation being "The player must cheat". Our game tasks the player with running a virtual solar system for a shady corporation in the form of a 90's era desktop operating environment. To "cheat" the player must download company-prohibited files in order to keep their planets operating at full capacity. 

Being my first ever Game Jam where I didn't know any of my team members going into it, I was incredibly nervous about how development would pan out. My fears were unfounded however, and turned out to be not only an amazing experience where I met tons of great people, but also a good learning experience for how to adapt to a new team. I gained many new skills relating to first starting out on a brand new team, like adapting to different members time-zones or handling disputes over the internet. Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and would definatly like to work with these amazing people again someday. 

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